The “Stis Elenas” family hotel is situated in Zarouchla, a beautiful village at Chelmos mountain, set at an altitude of 1050m. The impressive fir forest of Chelmos borders the verdant village of Zarouchla. The hotel has ten rooms that can accommodate 20-30 guests and features modern amenities. The double rooms are spacious, (24-30 sq. meters) and can easily accommodate up to four guests for a relaxing and comfortable stay.


The Greek breakfast is served in a beautiful area with stunning views and serves dishes made with fresh, mostly local, ingredients. There are three types of handmade bread, paired with homemade jams. The alternating desserts include orange pie, cake, “pasta flora” jam tart, apple pie “tiganites” (pancakes) etc. On cold winter nights “trahanas” (local pasta) soup is a must, as well as the wild greens pie. There are also cold cuts, cheese, yoghurt, orange juice, milk, Greek coffee, butter and local tea. The honey from Chelmos with chestnuts and walnuts, when in season, make delicious dishes. Guests have the opportunity to taste the famous raisins of Egialia as well as its olives. At Christmas and Easter, handmade traditional delicacies such as “kourabiedes”, “melomakarona”, “diples” (fritters with honey), “tsoureki” (sweet bread) and “avgokouloura” (egg cookies) are offered.



Address:Ζαρούχλα Αιγιάλειας
Phone:26960 35083 - 6978771227


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