Preveza City

The Preveza City is a modern hotel in the center of Preveza. The rooms provide guests with the best possible accommodation and can be described as ‘a home away from home.’ Guests may relax at the hotel restaurant and enjoy a breakfast buffet that consists of Greek products.
The hotel offers a wide range of choices for small conferences and events.

Preveza City

The rich breakfast buffet at Preveza City Hotel includes a selection of Greek dishes like fresh breads from a local bakery, cake, jams, coffee, full milk, and juices. Some of the traditional dishes include yoghurt, olives, tomatoes, feta cheese and semi hard cheese as well as boiled and fried eggs, omelet and honey. There is also a selection of cold cuts. Guests will also find “tiganites” (pancakes) that can be accompanied with honey and cinnamon.


Preveza City

Address:61, L.Irinis
Phone:26820 89500


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