For over a century Poseidonion Grand Hotel has been one of the landmarks of the island of Spetses. Fully renovated in 2009, it maintains its particular architectural elements and aristocratic aura. Poseidonion Grand Hotel boasts high gastronomic standards, first class beauty and wellness services, and is the venue to successful conferences and dream weddings. The breathtaking view to the Saronic Gulf, the wonderful gardens and palm trees, the unpretentious luxury and the impeccable services make this hotel worth visiting.


The famous breakfast at Poseidonion introduces guests to the gastronomic philosophy of the hotel, which is based on top quality Greek ingredients directly from the vegetable gardens of Poseidonion and the wider region. There is a selection of handmade bread products, such as the traditional “Propyra” of Spetses, many rusks, cheese and spinach pies. Guests may try Greek yoghurt, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, black olives, feta and fresh eggs. There is also a selection of Greek cheeses and cold cuts as well as hot slices of tomatoes and mushrooms from the garden. Desserts include various cakes, “loukoumades” (honey dumplings), cookies, semolina pudding (halva), “ryzogalo” (rice pudding), honey, homemade spoon sweets and jams. A la carte choices include eggs cooked in various ways such as “kagiana” with tomato and “feta”, and traditional “tiganites” (Greek pancakes).



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