Pliadon Gi

The Pliadon Gi Mountain Resort & Spa is located in Kato Trikala Corinthias. The resort consists of 20 independent suites, which are ideal for those seeking moments of tranquility and isolation, families who love the countryside and people who look for something different from their winter holidays. Materials like wood and stone, the smell of the fireplace and stunning views of the mountain range of Ziria are just some of the standout features of the Pliadon Gi. Offering 5 star services, this resort meets the needs of even the most demanding guests.

Pliadon Gi

A wide selection of traditional delicacies is served at breakfast. There are various types of bread, cookies, walnut pie, various cakes, dried fruits, honey, jams, yoghurt and milk. Guests will also find cheese and cold cuts platters, bacon, sausages, butter and eggs (boiled, fried and omelet). Guests should also try the French toast with honey and banana and the traditional pies, such as pie with wild greens and cheese pie. The breakfast at Pliadon Gi Mountain Resort & Spa is complete with a selection of teas, coffee, juices and fresh fruits.


Pliadon Gi

Phone:27430 91137-38


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