The Platanista is an impressive 4-star hotel just 150m from the beach, located in the area of Psalidi, on the island of Kos, just 2.8km from the main town and port. It features a restaurant, a taverna, a pool and lounge bar. There is a beauty salon, tennis and volleyball courts, mini golf, ping pong, two large swimming pools, a children’s swimming pool, a playing ground and private beach. There is also a fully equipped conference center.


Among the wide variety of dishes served at the breakfast buffet, guests will find a wide range of Greek products. Apart from breads, there is a wide variety of cookies, biscuits, cakes, “tsoureki” (sweet bread) and various juices. Worth trying are the pies (with cheese, spinach, milk, “bougatsa” with cream and others. There are also fresh fruits and compotes, fruit salad and Greek yoghurt, dried fruits and nuts, various jams and spoon sweets. Along with cold cuts, a selection of Greek cheeses such as feta, “kasseri”, gruyere, “anthotyro” and “manouri” is served.
The traditional breakfast of Kos includes “kanellada” (a beverage based on cinnamon), various bakery items like “moustokouloura” (cookies with grape must), rusks with walnut and sesame, vanilla cookies and special types of traditional bread. Other local specialities are the “kagianas” (scrambled eggs with tomato) and the “posia” cheese (fresh “myzithra” cheese sun dried and dipped in wine must). For dessert, there is traditional cherry tomato sweet, honey, “ryzogalo” (rice pudding), the local “mageria” and semolina pudding (halva).



Phone:22420 22400


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