The Olga hotel is located in the verdant mountain of Pelion, overlooking the blue Aegean Sea. The hotel is set next to the main square of the village of Mouresi. Consisting of two old traditional buildings, it combines old with contemporary elements, being the ideal destination for all seasons. On winter nights, guests can relax by the fireplace, enjoy some wine, play board games or read a book from the library. In the summer, the courtyard, with a breathtaking view, is the ideal place to enjoy refreshing drinks.


Breakfast is exclusively made with fresh Greek products prepared by the landlady. In winter, a “trahanas” soup or a creamy yellow pumpkin soup is the perfect starter. The “trahanas” is made with wheat and goat’s milk and the organic pumpkins grow in the hotel estate. In summer, breakfast starts with tomato soup. The jams are prepared by the landlady with fresh fruits. There are bread rolls and a Greek version of croissants made with fresh Corfu type butter and Zea flour. Recommended is the “tsoureki” (sweet bread), the “loukoumades” (honey dumplings) and the “tiganokouloures” (fried buns with feta). The handmade phyllo is used to make cheese pies, pepper pies, pies with olives, zucchini pies, spinach pies, pies with wild green, pies with leeks and pies with feta. Recommended are the small dough nests filled with “kasseri” cheese and ham. The fresh milk, butter, Greek cheeses and cold cuts complement breakfast. Desserts include chocolate creams and lemon scented “ryzogalo” (rice pudding), fruit cakes, “pasta flora” jam tart, milk, orange or walnut pies and spoon sweets, to name but a few. The fresh fruit juices are made upon request.



Address:6 Εvoikou
Phone:24260 49651


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