The Nymfes is a hotel situated in the heart of Nymfeo village in Florina. This traditional guesthouse consists of six rooms which are named after nymphs. Each room is decorated according to a myth associated with each nymph. The hotel has a steam bath and a Jacuzzi, in a small spa which is at the guests’ disposal.


Breakfast at the Nymfes can either be enjoyed by the fireplace during the cold months, or under the shade in the courtyard, during the summer months. Breakfast here begins with a traditional pie of the day, with extra fresh local ingredients, which is always prepared and baked on the premises. Guests may taste fillings like “louvoudia” (wild greens from the forest), nettle, mushrooms, red peppers from Florina, leeks, minced meat, zucchinis and cheese. The fresh bread is served with locally produced butter and homemade jams (with strawberries, cherries, peaches and apricots from the region). The hotel kitchen also bakes various cakes and serves mini apple pies which are fried on the spot. The traditional rice pudding “ryzogalo” is also offered and guests can choose how they wish their eggs cooked. There is also a selection of cold cuts and cheese. Beverages consist of coffee and various herbal teas, made from organic herbs, handpicked in the forest.


The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

"Feta" Cheese
Kasseri (PDO)
Air dried salami
Strained Yoghurt
Flower Honey
Strawberry Marmalade
Orange spoon sweet
Spinach pie with cheese
Butter cookies
Whole wheat rusks
Whole wheat bread
Extra virgin olive oil
Mountain Tea (Malotira, Kalokimithia)
Greek Coffee


Phone:23860 31114


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