Lindos Mare

The Lindos Mare is a secluded, boutique hotel built on many different levels on a sun kissed hill overlooking the bay of Vliha and just 2.5km from the picturesque village of Lindos. Lifts, including a cable car, link the hotel complex with the beach. The recent renovations, carried out in all the areas of the Lindos Mare Hotel, combined with the impeccable service and excellent cuisine, create an ambience of discreet luxury and tranquility in which to enjoy perfect, relaxing holidays.

Lindos Mare

The Lindos Mare Hotel honors the Greek traditional breakfast by serving a buffet based on fresh, local products. Unique traditional touches, such as rose cream, “sfouggato” (omelet with zucchini), fennel pie, fresh fruit juices and other local delicacies add color to taste. The aroma and texture of coffee, particularly Greek coffee made in “hovoli” (traditional instrument with sand imitating ashes), promise the best start to an ideal day.


Lindos Mare

Phone:22440 31130


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