The Lazareto hotel, located very close to the Castle Gate, is the ideal starting point to visit the Castle of Monemvasia. Access to the hotel is easy and its amphitheatric design at the foot of the rock offers sweeping views of the sea. Guests will enjoy breakfast or coffee in the large paved courtyard under the shade of the pine trees or in the open private terrace. The hotel features many family rooms, a big garden and open spaces where children can play safely while parents relax.


The Greek breakfast buffet offers bread from local wheat ground in a local mill, local variety olives and olive paste, feta and goat’s cheese made by local producers. The handmade cakes, sweets and biscuits, “travichtes”, “loukoumades” (honey dumplings) and homemade jams are worth trying. There are also fresh fruits and vegetables, some of which from the hotel garden.
A wide selection of dishes is offered, such as homemade omelettes (with fresh village eggs, spinach, wild greens), “syglino” pork and tomatoes from the garden baked with feta, handmade savory pies (spinach pies, cheese pies, pies with “myzithra” cheese) and sweet pies (pie with “trahanas” and pumpkin pie). Desserts include yoghurt, paired with traditional spoon sweets, various syrupy sweets and homemade “ryzogalo” (rice pudding) with citrus fruit zest.



Phone:27320 61991


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