The Kyrimai hotel is located in Gerolimemas, Mani and started its operation in 2003. It is housed in a unique listed building and is member of the “Historic Hotels of Europe”. It features 22 rooms and suites and operates an award winning restaurant under the supervision of a distinguished Greek chef.


The Greek Breakfast is practically a “Mani style breakfast” featuring local products like the best honey of Greece, sweet oranges of Laconia, “lalaggia” (local fritter accompanied by “sfela” cheese), “loukoumades” (honey dumplings) of Mani, “koutalides” with honey and walnuts, “syglino” (local pork preserved in salt), traditional rusks of Mani with excellent “protolado” (first oil) and olives, as well as “kagianas” eggs (with tomato). There are also traditional pies, sweet or savory (such as milk pie, pie with wild leeks, pie with onions etc.), a selection of homemade jams, with olive jam and prickly pear jam being the standout offerings, fresh fruits, dairy produce, local yoghurt and hot bread from a traditional local bakery. Breakfast at the Kyrimai is served. Guests choose their seats by the sea, order their preferred beverage and wait for breakfast to be served at their table, for a unique culinary experience.



Phone:27330 54288


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