Kotrona’s Bay

The Kotronas Bay Bungalows is situated in Kotronas of Eastern Mani and consists of ten fully furnished bungalows scattered in a 1.8 acre garden close to the beach. Each bungalow can accommodate between two and five people, and provides modern comforts so that a family can feel at home and enjoy its holidays. The Kotronas features a swimming pool for children, next to the adults’ swimming pool, a playground and direct access to the and sandy beach.

Kotrona’s Bay

The hotel offers a full Lakonian breakfast including with fresh bread, “lalaggia” (fried pastry treat with sesame and clove), rusks, raisin pie, “pasteli” (traditional sesame and honey par) and orange cookies. Beverages include coffee, tea from Mount Taygetos, sage, chamomile, juices (pomegranate, orange) and milk. Guests may taste “sfela” cheese, low fat gruyere, smoked “syglino” (pork) and “spaka”, (omelet with smoked sausage, wild artichokes, “sfela” and potatoes). There are also fresh boiled eggs, green olives, local tomatoes accompanied with extra virgin oil from the region and “hondros” (cracked wheat) boiled with milk.
Also recommended are the “tsaitakia” (small pies with saut?ed greens), jams, and “spoon sweets” from citrus fruits. There is honey, yoghurt, fresh fruits, “loupina” (roasted chick peas from Mani) and desserts such as “diples” (fritters dipped in syrup) “amygdalota” (almond shortbreads) and semolina pudding (halva). There is also fresh cake (made with oil, orange juice and orange peel), with walnuts, almonds or flavored with tangerine juice. All the sweets, “spoon sweets”, jams, cookies, pies and breads are prepared by the landlady. The “Kotronas”, a 2 star hotel, gets 5 stars for hospitality and service.


Kotrona’s Bay

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