The Byzantino hotel with the extraordinary charm of the medieval citadel of Monemvasia consists of individual buildings situated in a privileged location within the Castle, most of which offer panoramic sea views. The hotel is built with respect for the local traditional architecture and features elegant rooms and a caf?- bar. All rooms are made of stone and wood, with stylish decoration and classic furniture. Most of them offer sea views from their balcony or window, while some also feature a fireplace.


The Greek breakfast buffet at the Byzantino uses the best local ingredients and features many dishes based on traditional recipes. Home baked bread and “propyra”, a savory flat type of bread served plain or with cheese, olives or onion are served daily with homemade cookies, rusks, cakes as well as bread sticks, dried fruits and nuts. Guests may try fruit salad, yoghurt, “kagiana” (scrambled eggs with tomato), olives, tomato and cucumber, pure honey, homemade jams and spoon sweets. A platter of cheese and cold cuts includes feta, “kasseri” cheese and local cheeses (“ladotyri” and “touloumotyri”). As for beverages there is coffee, mountain tea, and freshly squeezed juice from the famous local oranges. Some of the following sweet or savory delicacies alternate daily: homemade pies (cheese pie, chicken pie or wild greens pie), “ryzogalo” (rice pudding), apple pie, sweet “trahanas” (local pasta) soup, “broustoula” (sweet pie with “trahanas”), “petaritses” (local pancakes with honey or cheese), “dakos” rusk, semolina pudding (halva), “loukoumades” (honey dumplings), small cakes (with feta, cherry tomatoes, and olives), local sausages, black eyed beans salad, “moustalevria” (grape must pudding), sweet “kaltsounia” with “myzithra” cheese, homemade “tsoureki” (sweet bread) and many more.



Phone:27320 61351


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