Brasil Suites Hotel is situated on a quiet street, two blocks from the center of Glyfada, one of the best known coastal districts of Athens, a 20-minute drive from the city center. The minimal style of the hotel is the result of a unique combination of modern architecture and natural light. Tastefully decorated and featuring all modern amenities, the suites add a new dimension to the concept of hospitality.


At Brasil Suites the healthy breakfast is based on the principles of Mediterranean diet, offering guests a variety of Greek flavors. There is fresh juice from sweet oranges, a wide selection of seasonal fruits, various jams and spoon sweets. Baked vegetables such as eggplants, zucchini and peppers are seasoned with olive oil and oregano. As for dairy produce, apart from Greek cheeses like feta, “anthotyro” and gruyere, there is a selection of yoghurts to suit all tastes. Dried nuts (raisins, walnuts and sun flower seeds) are paired with honey and Greek halva. The rye, wholewheat or multigrain bread goes perfectly with cherry tomatoes and Kalamata type olives. Last but not least, one should taste traditional pies made with fresh ingredients such as spinach, leeks and greens.



Address:4, Εleftherias Str.
Phone:210 8942124


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