Apollo Resort Art Hotel

The Apollo Resort Art Hotel in Kyparissia is surrounded by olives and citrus fruit trees.
The hotel is constantly upgraded by adopting new environmentally friendly practices, modern technologies and other aesthetic interventions. It is situated 200m from the beach, making it ideal for families and couples of all ages. Warm colors, discreet lighting, original paintings, ceramics, sculptures and etchings, give the hotel a special allure. The swimming pools, the lounge pool bar and the restaurant with local specialties dominate the outdoor area.

Apollo Resort Art Hotel

The Apollo Resort Art Hotel serves a wide selection of traditional dishes, starting with various types of fresh bread, fresh fruits, juices, fruit salads and vegetables. There are also local cheeses and other dairy products such as traditional yoghurt, eggs and omelet. Guests will also find cold cuts, handmade pies such as cheese pies, pies with wild greens, mushroom pies, chicken pies, potato pies and pies with pasta. Other products feature “tahini”, honey, “pasteli” (sesame and honey bar), dried figs and local spoon sweets.The handmade cakes and sweets such as orange pie, “loukoumades” (honey dumplings), “ryzogalo” (rice pudding), dairy creams and the local traditional jams stand out. Other Greek specials include olives and olive oil, Cretan “dakos” rusks, hot traditional “trahanas” soup, herbal beverages and Greek coffee.


The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

Feta’ Cheese
Sfela (PDO)
“Syglino” of Mani
Strained Yoghurt
Thyme Honey
Strawberry Marmalade
Milk pie
Cheese pie
Butter cookies
“Eptazyma” rusks
Brown bread
Kalamon olives
Mountain Tea (Malotira, Kalokimithia)
Greek Coffee

Apollo Resort Art Hotel

Address:Farmaka Kyparissia, Messinia
Phone:27610 24411


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