Aktia Lounge

The Aktia Lounge Hotel is a 5 star Resort in Stalida, in the Prefecture of Heraklion. The hotel complex consists of two 5 storey buildings with 220 rooms of all types (suites, family rooms, standard, single) with mountain view and sea view. It features three swimming pools (one indoor, one for adults and one for children). There are also two main bars, snack bar and pool bar, gym, spa, a private beach and two restaurants.

Aktia Lounge

The Greek breakfast starts with herbal teas such as “malotyra”, “diktamo”, “melissohorto”, mint, sage, linden, and chamomile. There are bread varieties, various rusks, buns and biscuits. Guests may taste the extra virgin olive oil and olive varieties. As for soups, the traditional pasta dishes “trahanas” and “ksinochondros” are served. Spreads include thyme honey, flower honey, jams while dried fruits and nuts are also available. There is a selection of cheeses such as “anthotyros”, “galomyzithra”, gruyere, “kefalotyri” and “”myzithra”, “pichtogalo”, “tyromalama” “tyrozouli” among others. Cold cuts include the traditional “apaki” smoked pork. There is a variety of fruits and Greek salads. Local specials include the “kalitsounia” or “pitarakia” (with spinach, fennel, wild greens), (or with “myzithra” cheese and honey). Other pies include the “tiganopita”, pies with greens, pies with “myzithra” cheese, “anevates” pies and “sarikopites” pies. Guests may try traditional omelettes with “syglino” (smoked pork), sausages, zucchini, tomato, artichoke and other local ingredients. There is also “dakos” rusks and “dolmadakia” (stuffed vine leaves). Desserts include cream-filled “bougatsa” pie, “kserotigana” (fritters), “amygdalota” (with almond paste), various spoon sweets, “lychnarakia” and “galaktoboureko” (phyllo with cream).


The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

"Feta" Cheese
Cretan graviera (PDO)
Strained Yoghurt
Thyme Honey
Orange Marmalade
“Bougatsa” of Iraklio
Pie of Sfakia
“Tsoureki” (sweet bread)
Barley rusks ("Krithina" rusks)
Starenio (White bread)
Extra virgin olive oil
Dittany (Diktamo, Erondas)
Greek Coffee

Aktia Lounge

Address:44, Αgiou Ιoannou Str.
Phone:28970 35555


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