The Greek Breakfast

The “Greek Breakfast” is the inspiration of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels to connect the gastronomical wealth of the country with the Greek hotel guest experience.  The “Greek Breakfast” promotes the regional culinary heritage of Greece in a program formulated to highlight local specialties and products.

Managed by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, the “Greek Breakfast” is an innovative and highly- structured program requiring strict adherence to well-defined specifications by participating hotels to ensure quality and authenticity.  For the guest, it is an opportunity to discover the culinary and cultural heritage of a preferred destination. Guests can choose from an array of traditional dishes “on the spot” gaining firsthand knowledge of local products and culinary customs.

The “Greek Breakfast” showcases many of the Greek products at the heart of the mediterranean diet. The bread, rusks, olive oil, olives, yoghurt, honey and fresh fruit create the basis of the “Greek Breakfast”.

Every region of Greece, depending on the climatic conditions, the soil, products and the historical interchange of its inhabitants, has formed a particular gastronomic culture and local cuisine.  The “Greek Breakfast’ welcomes guests to get to know and enjoy the customary breakfast specialties of the diverse regions of Greece.

About Us

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels was established in 1935 as a Legal Entity of Public Law.

It is the official State consulting institution on issues of tourism and its members are by law all the hotels and organized camping sites operating in Greece (about 10,000 units). The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels is administered by a Board of Directors of elected representatives of hotels and organized camping sites of the country and is a member of the European Trade Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes of the E.U member states (Hotrec).

Among the main objectives of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels are:

  • To develop the country’s hotel industry and to enhance the tourist product
  • To highlight the social role of the Greek hotel business
  • To promote the cooperation of the hotel business with the other branches of the Greek economy