Grand Bay Beach Resort

The Grand Bay Beach Resort is located on the 3km beach of the picturesque fishing village of Kolymbari. Its location makes it an ideal starting point for expeditions to the inexhaustible Cretan nature and the numerous archaeological sites of the area. Or one can simply relax on the private beach for hours. All rooms and suites have a furnished balcony or veranda and are fully equipped. The hotel has three fresh water swimming pools (one for children) surrounded by verandas with elegant furniture, sun beds and umbrellas.

Grand Bay Beach Resort

The traditional flavors of the island unfold before the guests, inviting them to try them for breakfast. There is traditional bread, buns and raisin breads, Cretan barley and wheat rusks, rusks with olive oil and bread sticks with sunflower seeds, accompanied by feta cheese, Cretan gruyere, “kasseri” and “anthotyro” cheeses, local yoghurt, peanuts and local Cretan honey. Guests may try the olives variety, Cretan traditional pies, “kalitsounia” (with greens or myzithra cheese), pies from Sfakia (local pies filled with myzithra and goat’s cheese, with honey), “sarikopitakia”, and “lyhnarakia” (sweet with myzithra cheese). There are also wild greens with olive oil and lemon, barley “dakos” rusk (with tomato, feta cheese, caper, oregano and olive oil), Cretan “sfouggato” omelet (with potatoes, tomatoes or zucchini), and “apaki” (local salted pork). Desserts include
“ksirotigana” (fritters with honey), semolina pudding (halva), spoon sweets, and biscuits. Hot “loukoumades” (honey dumplings), “ryzogalo” (rice pudding) “diples” (traditional honey fritters) are accompanied by “vyssinada” (sour cherry drink) and herbal beverages, such as “diktamo” and “malotyra” (mountain tea). Vegetarians may opt for fresh and dried fruits, fresh juices, fruit salads and local vegetables.


Grand Bay Beach Resort

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