Orizontes Tzoumerkon

The Orizontes Tzoumerkon hotel is nestled inside a forest at the Pramanta village, at an altitude of 1000m. This cozy hotel offers luxury and comfort, provided by the whirlpool baths, marble bathrooms, and many other amenities. There is a restaurant and a cafeteria where guests can relax with a drink by the fireplace in the cold winter months.

Περιγραφή πρωϊνού

The Greek breakfast buffet at the “Orizontes Tzoumerkon” offers many Greek dishes with pure ingredients of the region. Guests will find a selection of traditional breads like the “bobota”, wheat “trahanas” (pasta) with sheep milk and feta cheese, “ryzogalo” (rice pudding) or vanilla cream. There are also “tiganites” (pancakes) with cheese and eggs and “loukoumades” (honey dumplings), as well as free range village eggs cooked in various styles.
Dairy products include strained yoghurt, ”kefalograviera” cheese, village style feta and “gidotyri” cheese. There are also savory village-style pies such as vegetable pie, cheese pie, eggplant pie, meat pie and “zymaropita” pie. Sweet pies include milk pie and pumpkin pie with homemade phyllo. There are many spoon sweets and other traditional sweets such as “samali”, “ladoravani” (semolina cake), semolina pudding (halva), baklava and chocolate pie as well as a variety of small tarts, cookies and cakes. All the above can be enjoyed with coffee or mountain tea and freshly squeezed natural orange juice.


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STARS: *****
ADDRESS: Pramanta, Ioannina 44001
PHONE: 26590 61002
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