The Ionia Suites Hotel is ideally located, just a few steps from the sandy beach of Rethymno. The luxury apartments-suites are the perfect starting point for guests who wish to explore the culture and sites of the city. All rooms are air conditioned, with a fully equipped kitchen and have all the amenities required for a pleasant stay.

Περιγραφή πρωϊνού

Guests at the Ionia Suites hotel start their day with a healthy Greek breakfast consisting of fresh local products. A variety of breads, bakery products, rusks, cakes and traditional cookies are offered. Guests should try the handmade pies (cheese pies and spinach pies) and the traditional “pie of Sfakia”, served with local thyme honey. Recommended is the honey with “tahini” (made from sesame seeds). The Cretan olive oil, olives and dairy produce take center stage. The Cretan gruyere and the “ryzogalo” (rice pudding) are not to be missed. The traditional “graviera” (gruyere) is made with fresh goat’s and sheep’s milk. There is also a choice of cold cuts, including the famous Cretan “apaki” (lean pork meat, delicious and aromatic, with a characteristic smoky taste). The fresh local eggs are cooked in various ways, including “strapatsada” (scrambled with tomato). There is a selection of jams and spoon sweets, dried nuts and fruits, as well as compotes. The fresh fruits and vegetables are supplied by local farmers and are organic.


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STARS: ****
ADDRESS: 62 Giaboudaki, Rethymno
PHONE: 26820 51860
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